A hidden gem. – Great location, rich nature, & a lot of non touristic places

Most people actually pass by Okayama to travel to Hiroshima. However, Okayama has a lot to offer as well. There is a mysterious shrine connected with the Japanese folk tale (Kibitsu shrine), a place where one of the major Japanese swords (Bizen Osafune sword) has been produced, famous for great Sake brand (Omachi – the Omachi Rice is mainly produced in Okayama), the major producer of “Bengara- traditional Japan red” used in many Japanese traditional architecture (Fukiya Furusato Village) and more.

The location is convenient too, in case you consider stopping by. It takes only 40 minutes from Osaka, 34 minutes from Hiroshima and 1.5 hour from Hakata by shinkansen. If you enjoy islands, hop on the Marine Liner and make a short trip to Shikoku (1 hour). If you love mountains, I suggest you drive to the north part of Okayama/Tottori/Shimane area.


Here is how to access : https://www.okayama-japan.jp/en/access

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