Hi, my name is Saki.

Japanese girl & tutor

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What comes to your mind first when it comes to Japan?

Would you like to learn Japanese & its culture with me personally?

I give private Japanese lessons online (over 3 years of experience) . Whether you are a beginner, at intermediate or advanced, I am happy to help you! It would mean the world to me, if I could help you get to know Japan in addition to the language on our lessons. I would be also happy to collaborate with fellow creators , especially who share my passion about Japan. However, anyone is welcome. Feel free to contact me and I will get back to you soon.

Every journey starts somewhere, i do my best to make your learning experierence as comfortable as possible so you can be just yourself. I want to show you the beauty of my language. So lets go on this awesome Adventure together.

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I am really glad that I took Saki-chans japanese lessons! As I am very nervous around new people I was not sure if I would dare to contact Saki-chan at first. But after I told her I might be nervous she gave her best to make me feel comfortable. She is a very kind, patient and understanding person and besides the lessons I always enjoyed talking about off-topic things.

The lessons were really helpful to me. A few years before taking Saki-chans lessons I already visited a Japanese course, so I wasn't a total beginner, but out of practice. I think she soon had a good feeling for what vocabulary and grammar I still remembered and tried to talk as much simple Japanese in the lesson as possible, which helped me remembering what I already learned before.

We always decided together what we should focus on in the lessons. I wanted to focus on understanding and talking Japanese because I planned to visit Japan - and I feel like my Japanese improved a lot. Amidst the travel preparations I asked Saki-chan if we could focus on preparing myself for my trip, and she was glad to help me with travel related vocabulary, teaching me about useful things to know about Japan etc. When I was in Japan I received a lot of compliments for my Japanese so I guess the lessons were totally a success! I was very happy how she always tried to accommodate to my wishes.

While creating no pressure and focusing on the fun of learning she kept me really motivated by complimenting my progress and reassuring me that making mistakes is part of the process.

Miriam - Private student
I had four lesson so far with Saki and they really helped me to feel comfortable trying to speak Japanese and improve my skills. Saki is a really passionate teacher and adjusts to your level, what you want to do in the lesson and what goals you have. She creates a pleasant atmosphere in the lesson with her personality, which makes it easy to focus. She responds very fast and is even willing to answer questions outside of lessons. As she learns a language herself currently she knows about the hardships of learning a language, which gives me the impression that she understands how her students feel. She even came to Munich twice to have a lesson in person, which really shows her commitment as a teacher. Her English is very good as well so there are no misunderstandings and I feel comfortable asking something in English when I am not able to express it in Japanese. Overall, there is no need to look for another teacher and I can only recommend to choose her when you want to improve your Japanese and have a good time!
I am looking forward to the next lessons!
Andreas – Private Student
Saki is awesome! She helps you set realistic goals to start learning at your own pace. She’s open to suggestions about what you want to learn, and she also provides helpful websites and tools for you to start learning. She’s easy to talk to and is very friendly and nice!! I make a lot of mistakes in speaking, but she’s extremely patient and helps me to learn as I go.
I definitely would recommend her as a tutor!!
Student from Preply
I had an initial lesson from Saki and was impressed with the variety of Japanese lessons available. From the absolute beginner level to advanced business and all of the JLPT levels, N5 to N1. She can customize the lessons to fit your goals which may just be basic conversational Japanese, the ability to understand restaurant and konbini staff to checking in at the hotel. She is also available on other platforms.
(Which I have also done). 5 Stars!
Glenn - Student from Preply
Saki Sensei is very motivating, inspiring, friendly and dedicated! She will tailor her tutoring perfectly to your needs, or create lessons specifically for you. She’s also able to teach you about Japanese culture and alike, if you are curious about that. I’m very happy and recommend her a lot!
Raphaëlle - Private student