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I’m Saki. 

I am a Japanese online tutor, ex- live streamer on Periscope and Happs who is passionate about Japanese culture and Kimono. My online journey has begun through my live streaming where I had over 24K followers.

How did you become interested in Japan? I am sure many of you have watched Japan through anime or pop culture, but actually, Japan has a lot more to offer which has rich history of over 2000 years! I am here to introduce my beautiful country to the world.

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 I was born and raised in Okayama, Japan which is located in western part of Japan. I’m passionate about Japanese traditional culture and kimono, tutoring Japanese language as well as being an ex-live streamer with 24K followers. I believe that Japan has a lot to offer more than we all think. Being Japanese myself, it wasn’t long before I realized that I barely knew my country. While answering questions from friends on Periscope, my passion and interest on Japan grew naturally; Where my origin is, what Samurai are or I even encountered some simple yet difficult questions such as; why do I go to shrines or temples occasionally or how and when I can wear my own kimono. These thoughts inspired me to dig into my own culture deeply and helped me to understand myself as Japanese;

Magically, things started to make more sense since then!

I grew my passion through my live streaming experience where I met amazing people from all over the world, who are happy to learn more about Japan from me. I am very thankful for the all friends who have supported me so far. If not for that experience, I wouldn’t have been where I am at today.

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